Curtain Wall System

Standard and structural

With 50mm of width and up to 230mm of depth, depending on the static requirements, W50 offers tried and tested solutions, which have proven themselves time and again in projects all over the world.
In addition the compatibility across the
Brokelmann systems provides the maximum
creative freedom.

This is a thermal insulated system operating with mullions and transoms, polyamide spacing bars,pressure plates and button covers.
The special characteristic of this system is the resulting thermal insulation through reinforced insulated profile from fiberglass which is adjusted in the interior part of the construction.

So the system saves energy with a maximum thermal brake according to DIN V 4108-4.
The construction follows DIN 4113 & DIN 1055 according to static requirements and technical specifications of the glass industry.
All joints are of stainless steel or aluminium.

Using spacing profiles or watertightness profiles, we can achieve gaps that allow the insertion of glass or panel, with a thickness from 24 up to 38mm.
Ventilation of the glass is ensured through special ventilation channels. Water is drained outside through a covered drainage.

This innovative technology, with the perfect tune of its systems, harmonically combines aesthetics, homogeneity and functionality.
The availability of different subsystems open new horizons to fine results, protection, security and economy.

view our sliding facade in action

Light, transparency and reflection are the key features of modern architecture.
The surface of the facade is determined by the combination of innovative material.  In the curtain wall system W50, aluminium profile and glass are combined in order to achieve the static requirements with the less possible weight. 
The system, harmonically, combines viewing and structural requirements without compromising its functionality and performance. The dimensions of the aluminium profiles freely allow the viewing and the sense of volume to emerge both in the interior and the exterior faces. It is used for the construction
of curtain walls in office and commercial buildings, schools, sport arenas, banks and hotels.

The W50 system ensures a fine looking. The special
aluminium profiles, mullions and transoms for interior and exterior corners, pressure plates, button covers, at the final constructed stage, offer a very symmetrical result (50mm). A large variety of accessories and button covers to choose from.

General Characteristics
  • 50mm of width.
  • Possibility to achieve different look with the option of a wide variety of pressure plates and button covers.
  • Thermal insulation according to DIN V 4108-4.
  • Maximum energy conservation.
  • Optimum sound insulation.
  • Total water-tightness.
  • Mullions up to 230mm supporting even the most demanding statical requirements. 
  • Applying to the technical specifications for the use of glass.
  • Joints made of aluminium or stainless steel.