DALCON emphasizes high-value and state of art skylights with requirements that go beyond competitive price. We are niche manufacturers, primarily focused on luxury solutions concerning daylight systems in residential and commercial environments.
We design, fabricate and install custom-made daylight applications responding to the architectural demand, motivated by the functional and aesthetics needs of the project. Our experienced team of architects respond immediately to clients needs, by designing solutions that are produced by our permanent in-house manufacturers for production .  

    We are pleased to announce our expansion in U.K. After 20 years of successful installations and over 2000 projects in Southern Europe and Middle East, we set new challenges for ourselves . 

    If you have a project where specialist competencies are needed, where margins of error are extremely low and where the ability to meet complex and changing customer needs is valued, please contact us and we'll be happy to work with you.

         Our principles 

Integrity - Professionalism - Innovation - Commitment

    Our ethos and professionalism feature every aspect of our operations. We continue to research for innovative solutions with primary focus on our customers' needs who will benefit from our years of experience and guidance. The key elements to any successful project must also ensure quality, creativity and aesthetics. 
    We also consider in our designs, the importance of the environment which makes a positive contribution in the competitive field of construction.

         Our vision 

    Our commitment defines our determination to be a leading construction company, with the highest ethical standards that deliver exceptional value for money when providing our products and services. We aspire to change the view that people have of residential production developments, by using environmentally friendly materials in our designs.
    One of our goals, is to continue to be a reliable manufacturer and supplier of innovative constructions by developing beneficial and collaborative partnerships.